• Cannes on a cloudy day

    A gift from the people of the Carlton Hotel


    In Côte d’Azur I fell in love with Cannes.  Although the weather didn’t help, (it was cloudy and chilly), I immediately felt this was my kind of place.  Just a few days before the 71st International Film Festival,  the heartbeat of the city starts to beat faster, getting ready for all the glamorous events.

    The Promenade de la Croisette, together with all the designer stores and the fabulous, luxurious hotels (The Carlton hotel was my favorite, where we had lunch and the best tarts I have ever tasted), the little French restaurants with Michelin stars (I really enjoyed the onion soup),  the light blue color of the sea and the palm trees, the jewelry stores, the cafes, the villas and so on, made me a very happy visitor.

    Until next time…

    Love and kisses


    PS. All photos were taken with my cell phone










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  • The Fairytale Jewels


    This is the Michal Negrin store that I visited in Prague. When I first saw the windows I was mesmerized.

    These really unique vintage-inspired hand-crafted jewelry combined with a store that looks like something out of a fairy tale, gives you an awesome shopping experience.

    For more of Negrin’s magic, click here

    With Love, J

    Photos (except the models) by me



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