What’s in my purse

What’s in my purse



My favorite Mulberry purse (a gift from my boyfriend)


1. A Nikon coolpix, cause I love to take pictures all the time

2. My Greek and US passport  (you never know where the day might take you )

3. A monkey-lighter (bad habbits die hard)

4. D&G sunglasses

5. Carmex (love that lip balm),  Mac clear lipglass,  Clean and clear oil absorbing sheets (I swear on those, they always make you look so fresh without ruining your make-up),  Mac blush brush and Mac blush in Coygirl

6. Emergen-C Vitamin C  with raspberry flavor (a life saver for a hangover, when you feel you’re getting down with a cold or just for lots of energy)


1. A small leather case with “Julia Loves Romeo” cards

2. My journal filled with my boys drawings

3. A starfish scrunchie by Tarina Tarantino

4. My favorite peanut-butter Jif (for those pms munchies)

5. I-phone


1. Louis Vuitton wallet with my Greek ID,  my California driver’s license (which I can use in Europe), and a Visa with no money left whatsoever.

2. Apple I-pod (I love listening to music while I’m walking or in the metro)

3. A nail file 

4. A pair of contact lenses ( I always seem to loose them one way or another so I have an extra pair just in case)

5. Photographs of my sons and my boyfriend

6. Cherry chapstick. (I cannot live without this one!)

7. My Buddha bracelet (It was given to me from a Buddhist priest in LA)

8. Train and metro tickets ( I use it quite often)

9. My house keys with  a “No Fear” tag given to me by my boys. 

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