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What I love the most: My twin boys and my Romeo. Then comes the passion for the ocean, photography, lingerie and macarons. Ι live life to the fullest. You inspire me. Thank you all for following my adventures.
  • March 1st

    Wear fun hosiery, stay warm, get playful, be in love. Spring is here, but not just yet! Hosiery: Calzedonia              Top:Sisley

  • La Dolce Vita

    Fellini with Anita Ekberg Fellini with Marcello Mastroianni Fellini, Pasolini, Mastroianni and Anouk Aimee on the set of “La Dolce Vita”...

  • Drive me

    A friend’s garage filled with beautiful vintage cars is a fun place to take pictures, especially when it comes with pizza and beer. Special...

  • Juliet Capulet is in a relationship and it’s complicated

    Yes. The greatest thing in the world is to love and be loved in return.

  • She’s mad but she’s magic

    She’s mad but she’s magic There’s no lie in her fire. (Charles Bukowski)

  • The Queen of Lingerie

    In Agent Provocateur at her MDNA concert tour in 2012 In Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic conical bra at her Blond Ambition world tour in...

  • Helmut at first sight

    Helmut Newton is one of my favorite photographers. Maybe my most favorite. Here, I visited one of his exhibitions at the Onassis Cultural Centre...

  • Beware pickpockets and loose women

  • Love click

    I always believed that the most sensual  photographs come out when you’re posing for your lover. So, go ahead, enjoy those moments and...

  • I guess I have always had an infatuation with lingerie since high-school. Lacy underwear, baby dolls, corsets, suspenders, stockings, you name...

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